Glassware Laboratory

Verre Equipements offer you a large range of standard glassware laboratory

Which include every kind of containers from laboratory glass :

  • Beaker,
  • Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Round bottom flask
  • Crystallizing and petri dish
  • Separating and dropping funnel

But also all the volumetric glassware you need for the laboratory :

  • Measuring Pipette
  • Measuring Cylinder,
  • burette
  • Volumetric Flask,

Also available chromatographic columns, condensers, adapters, filter funnels, taps and stopcocksc , filtering flasks, …

Our purpose is to offer a wide choice of glassware laboratory with the adaptability of a glass blower workshop to perfectly fit to your glassware needs.

Download the catalogues of the standard glassware laboratory:

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