Glassware repair, modification of borosilicate and fused silica parts

Specialized in industrial and laboratory glassware repair, we oftenly repair specific glass parts for R&D laboratories and industries in France and worldwide.

A company for repair and manufacture laboratory and industrial glassware

In order to save time and money, our glassware workshop offers to our customers his borosilicate and quartz  glassware repair services .

Most of the time, a partially broken or cracked glassware is repairable. In that case, a repair of your glass parts will be offer to you.

As a precaution for people who handle glass parts, it is important to perfectly clean the glassware from toxic and harmful products.

After being repaired, the glassware undergoes a thermal treatment at 560°C in an oven to stabilized the mechanical stress within the glass.

Industrial glassware repair, laboratory glassware shaping

Glassware repair: replacement of circulation fittings on a double-jacket reactor

Laboratory and industrial glassware modifications.

Master in custom glassware, our laboratory glassware workshop can modify your glass components.

Your glassware can be modify for ergonomic reason ( laboratory handling) or to revamp for update or improve the efficiency of your process.

Our glass repair workshop will help you in to define your wish to repair or modify your glassware.

For any revamping – modification of laboratory glassware  or industrial glass equipment, you can complete the following form .

Our glassware workshop will be happy to answer to your questions and problems.