The manufacture and the repair of borosilicate glassware are in the expertise field of our workshop, especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


To insure a quality process, we realize a drawing of each glassware object delivered to our customer. This important step in our process make the reproduction of the same object at any time possible. Nowaday, our internal database contains more than 100 000 drawings for scientific glass blowing.

Verre Equipements has available a wide stock of raw material dedicated to the manufacture. This stock (different diameter tubes, stopcock, joints, …) is one of our strength to quickly respond to the need of our customers.

Our quality department controls every object before been delivered with a polariscope and also the dimensions.

Réparation verrerie, soufflage verre, modification verrerie laboratoire et industrie
Réparation d’un réacteur thermostaté